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Lucille Träger

Communication and marketing
School year ISIT 2013
A graduate of ISIT’s Master’s in Intercultural Communication and Translation, Lucille made the most of the many opportunities at ISIT to find her professional calling. Her future is on the web—and in Canada!
What did you study prior to starting ISIT?

After high school, where I was in the English section specializing in science (“BSEA”), I enrolled on a two-year preparatory program for literary studies at the Condorcet high school in Paris. In that time, I developed rigorous analytical and argumentation skills.


To me, ISIT is a Grande Ecole that teaches students to celebrate and embrace curiosity. I chose it for the unique program the school offers to anyone who is looking to think outside the box. Students develop a refined sense of intercultural. Master’s degrees at ISIT place emphasis on soft skills that are essential in the working world.

What are the advantages of an ISIT education?

ISIT helped me to develop my professional vision. My classes added a practical dimension to my experience as a khâgneuse in literary prep school, where the content of the lesson was very theoretical. I discovered a passion for web communication and social media. Through ISIT, I had the opportunity to study in Montreal, which turned out to be an amazing cross-cultural adventure. I really blossomed during my time at ISIT and found my professional identity.

What are your career goals?

After two years at the International Office of the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA) as a Web Communications Officer and Translator, I would like to settle in Montreal. More specifically, I would like to work in a web agency where versatility is important and learn more about the fascinating relationship between France and Quebec.

What is your advice for candidates and future ISIT students?

The key, I think, is to really take advantage of your time at ISIT to build up a coherent career plan that makes sense to you, using all the tools ISIT makes available to its students. And there are many! Taking advantage of every chance presented to you, even those that seem boring at first, is the best way to get the most out of your degree. Apprenticeship is a possibility in the fifth year, or you can get involved in Junior ISIT, the Junior Enterprise at ISIT. These kinds of volunteering roles serve as the perfect opportunity to gain professional experience. This implies a great deal of responsibility—and recruiters really appreciate such experience.