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Joséphine Mouton

Head of Media Relations
Course Master's degree
Specialization Intercultural Communications & Translation

Joséphine Mouton looks back on her career path after her Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication and Translation.

Before ISIT?

I graduated from high school specializing in literature, then did a preparatory course for the grandes écoles in literature, topped off with one year of Bachelor’s degree in ERASMUS in Spain. I joined ISIT in the 4th year.


Initially, I joined ISIT with the idea of becoming a translator. During my first year of Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication and Translation (ICT), my experience with the school’s junior company and the various internships I had done, led me to move towards communication, which remains professionally compatible with translation. For the second year of my Master’s degree, I was an apprentice with Orange, in the internal social network facilitation team, which had just been created. Not having great intuition, apprenticeship, much like any other professional experience chosen from a job offer and an interview, is a leap of faith for me. I was lucky to find this apprenticeship, which was highly educational.

After ISIT?

My apprenticeship turned into a short-term contract in the same team, but in a slightly different role. Despite the opportunities for promotion within Orange and not regretting the 14 months I spent there, I needed to see the world. I thus decided to go to Peru on a French government volunteering program, with a mission as a communication manager for a home for disabled or orphaned children. I was supposed to stay for 9 months, but three months in, an internal crisis led to the termination of all 5 of our contracts.

This chaotic experience changed my mind about traveling while helping me to adapt to the associations field, upon coming back to France. I started by volunteering in the communication of an NGO that I had been supporting for several years, the Centre Primo Levi. Luckily, the organization was looking for a replacement for 10 months in private funding prospection, I got the job and then moved on to a communications job that became available during this time!

Any advice for future students?

To find a job, you have to prove your worth. The time when you’re job hunting is perfect to undertake small missions (even volunteering) that can prove your drive, obviously, but most importantly your skills. See things in the longer term, not only short term: if you think it can lead you to where you want to be, accept what is offered to you and prove your worth this way. When jobs are scarce, there is no choice, you must use all available resources.

And today?

Joséphine Mouton is the teaching department manager at La Fresque du Numérique..