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Renault Nelly

School year Formation continue - ISIT 2018
Country France

After a varied business career, Renault Nelly decided to change direction by means of executive education. With a passion for multilingual communications, she opted for the extended executive education course in new translation technologies. She obtained her certification from ISIT in 2018.

Before ISIT?

After working as a trilingual sales representative for ten years in English, German and French, I went into higher education, initially as a bilingual English teaching assistant at the HEC Business School in Paris where I worked for a year.  I was then in charge of relations with companies for 15 years.

In the Corporate Partnerships and Careers department, I organized recruitment and high-visibility communication campaigns, forging links with corporate partners who are members of the HEC foundation.

Why this extended executive education with ISIT?

At the end of 2015, some personal thinking led me to change careers.
As I am very enthusiastic about foreign languages and wanted to engage in something new, I spontaneously approached ISIT, in order to build a professional project with a strong link to interculturality and communication, which are skills I was able to acquire during my work experience and on which I hope to capitalize in my new occupation.

What are the assets of executive education at ISIT?

  • Thanks to ISIT’s teaching methods, which are unique in France, I was introduced to a truly multifaceted and demanding profession, taught by recognized professionals who provided me with the methodology and applied technologies which are essential to translation today.
  • It was a year filled with discoveries and encounters thanks to my classmates, who were all so different, both from me and from each other. My year revolved around three main pillars: lectures, a thesis in translation and traductology, and an internship. 
  • This three-month internship, which I completed with the AGIRES association, a key player in the field of higher education, was particularly beneficial to my career plan and to my main area of specialization.
  • Moreover, ISIT is certified by the European Commission and is a member of the Conférence des grandes écoles (an association of French institutions which are separate from, but parallel to the main framework of the French public university system). It is therefore a benchmark for professional translators. 
  • In addition, certification is essential to practice translation as a legitimate professional.
  • Finally, ISIT’s international network, with over 5,000 alumni, and contacts with teachers and translation professionals, are incomparable assets when it comes to promoting exchanges and accessing a highly competitive profession.

After ISIT?

After my lengthy experience, initially with companies and then with another European Business School, I opted for self-employment and became a freelance translator. Since I obtained my certification in February 2018, I have been offering translation, reviewing, revision and localization services. I started as a personal company, which seemed to be the best status to discover the job market, its opportunities and its limitations.

As specialization is the key to success in this field, I will complete my education with a module dedicated to legal translation in June next year, at ISIT: a new string to my bow and a good opportunity to broaden my expertise.