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Marion Daras Carlier

Communication and marketing
Course Master's degree
School year ISIT 2014
Specialization Intercultural Management
Country France

Your academic career at ISIT ?

I joined ISIT in my third year, after an intensive preparatory course in literature. My goal was to work in a multilingual environment. I chose the Master’s degree in Intercultural Management with English and Spanish as my active languages.

In the second year of my Master’s degree I was an apprentice, working as an editorial communication manager at Total. It was a very complete job that allowed me to improve my communication skills in print, web and events.

After ISIT ?

I started as a consultant for communication agencies, then I quickly switched to the digital field. I now work as  a  project manager at Datawords, a multilingual digital communication agency. My job consists in coordinating the worldwide digital advertising campaigns of a luxury brand

My main tasks ?

  • Obtaining the brief from the client and setting up the campaign schedule
  • Creating banner ads
  • Localizing (translating) advertising content linked to target markets
  • Communicating with the client for validation, with technical teams, with multilingual and other external agencies on a daily basis
  • Communicating with the website teams where the campaign is run, to provide suitable content and ensure that it is posted online within the allotted time. 
  • Ensuring that the campaign is online and that the website works properly

It is a job that involves a lot of project management, with various stakeholders in a very intercultural world. I usually work in English. 

The assets of the ISIT course ?

  • Firstly, here are key skills really demanded in today’s business world: versatility, project management skills, discipline, and language and editorial skills. These are complementary skills that forge complete and highly adaptable profiles.
  • ISIT also taught me a more measured attitude towards the topics and to try to understand the strategic vision of the company or business. This curiosity is a common asset of ISIT profiles which appeals to recruiters. 
  • In terms of social skills, ISIT teaches us to be autonomous, demanding and versatile.  Developing a good network, knowing how to adapt to each partner who may have a different nationality or professional background, are all assets that have effectively prepared me for the workplace.

Any advice on working in the digital field ?

  • Be disciplined and know how to anticipate deadlines. We work with many people and demanding clients whom we cannot disappoint.
  • Be curious and versatile. We work daily with technical professions : being fluent in the same language is a huge asset in keeping conversations efficient, pleasant and fluid. 

If you are passionate about the web and social networks, or if you have slight geek tendencies, you would enjoy it there ! In my department, we talk a lot about HTML, flash, tags, trafficking, and URL redirects…

And today ?

Marion Daras Carlier still works in communication and had several experiences after Datawords. She was Digital HR International Project Manager at Orange, Marketing and Communication Manager at WeNow, and has been Communication Director for Nature-based Solutions at Livelihoods Venture since 2019.