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Thibault Motté

School year ISIT 2012


What did you study prior to starting ISIT?

I completed my high school degree specializing in economics in 2008 at the Marie Curie High School in Sceaux. I decided to enroll on the Lawyer-Linguist program at ISIT in partnership with the Faculté Jean Monnet for my first year of higher education.


I wanted to combine my interest in law with my interest in languages. ISIT is one of the most renowned schools in Europe, and I wanted to develop strong skills not only in English and Italian, but also in law.

I found what I was looking for in the Lawyer-Linguist program: a complete and classic law degree in a reputable school combined with a thorough study of modern languages, which I consider essential to reaching my professional goals.

 I also developed a strong peer network based on friendship and mutual support.

What are the advantages of an ISIT education?
  •  From a professional point of view, the additional skill set in modern languages I developed at ISIT differentiates me from other law students. I wanted to build an international career for myself and with a degree from ISIT, I know I would be able to do this.
  • During my ERASMUS exchange, I had the opportunity to engage with the wider world and take on responsibilities in a foreign country, which became key elements of my education.
  • ISIT also taught me to work efficiently, with rigor and professionalism. These are all skills which I apply in my day-to-day professional life. Languages are the tools of my trade, and mastering them is an obligation. Cultural sensitivity is a pillar of ISIT, along with the diversity, seriousness and quality of classes given by the incredibly competent and approachable teaching staff.
  • Through this program, I developed much more maturity. The group of Lawyer-Linguists I studied with was very tight-knit. I formed very close ties with my classmates, people I know I can count on. I really appreciated this program; it was demanding, of course, but also very rewarding.
What have you done since graduating from ISIT?

Once I received my Lawyer-Linguist degree, I finished my law studies with a Masters of Law specializing in Law and Communication at Paris 2 University. I wrapped that degree up with an internship in the public affairs department of a large French laboratory. That internship gave me the motivation me to continue my studies in the fields of lobbying and institutional and political relations.

Suhc motivation is the reason behind my decision to complete an M2 degree in Public Life and Institutional Relations, again at Paris 2 University. For this program, I am to complete an internship as a parliamentary assistant in the office of a Member of the European Parliament.

What is your advice to candidates and future ISIT students?
  • Stick with it and never give up! The Lawyer-Linguist program is a dual degree that requires an enormous amount of commitment, but it is definitely worth the time and effort. Of course, on the one hand, it is a difficult course, but it is extremely captivating.
  • It is important to be curious about everything and to get out of your comfort zone.
  • Finally, do not be afraid to be bold, and have confidence in yourself.