HR project Officer

HR Project Officer is one of several titles for a person with cross-functional skills who will be involved in a wide variety of human resources assignments. This position is also sometimes referred to as an HR development officer. The mission of an HR project officer is to coordinate the actions of the human resources department in accordance with the HR strategy.

What does an HR project manager do?

  • Analyzes the activities and processes of the human resources department.
  • Identifies and when needed participates in the definition of HR strategies, then applies them.
  • Participates in, or even manages, the various services provided: recruitment, training, compensation, HRIS, diversity, administration.
  • Manages projects: monitors costs, deadlines, priorities of current or future HR projects.
  • Regularly reports on KPIs

What is his/her main know-how?

  • Excellent knowledge corporate organization
  • Project management
  • Mastery of several languages in an international environment
  • Mastery of computer tools

What are his/her main soft skills?

  • Organization
    The purpose of the HR project manager is to coordinate and manage various projects for the department. It is therefore necessary to be perfectly organized in terms of management, deadlines, priorities, etc.
  • Versatility
    The HR project manager works on several subjects, ranging from recruitment tools to Corporate Social Responsibility, legal issues and compensation.
  • Energy
    As a project manager, he or she is required to organize meetings, workshops and make presentations. They drive projects and therefore need to know how to energize teams and bring projects to life.
  • Assertiveness
    An HR project manager is expected to come up with new ideas for processes or tools, for example. They therefore need the ability to innovate and how to bring new ideas to the table.

Working environment

HR project development officers come into contact with all the teams in the HR department as well as with internal clients. When it comes to international human resources, contacts can be made with subsidiaries located anywhere in the world. An HR Project officer may work in a company (public or private), an institution or an agency. He/she can also work as a consultant in a consulting firm.

Career prospects

Salary range for a first job: between 30 and 35 K€ (depending on the sector and type of company).

Examples of career moves include HR Development Manager, HR specialist, Mobility manager, Human Resources Manager, Human Resources Director (long-term career prospect).


What training course to become an HR project manager?

ISIT offers students interested in becoming an HR project manager the opportunity to train with the help of our master’s degree in intercultural management.