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Communication and marketing
School year ISIT 2012
Country Canada

Before ISIT?

I went to ISIT right after graduating from high school with a major in Literature and Languages.

Why did you join ISIT?

Interpreters have always fascinated me and I joined ISIT with the blurry and ambitious vision to become one of them.

Shortly after my first year at ISIT, the Intercultural Management Master’s was created, which completely changed my mind: I embarked on the cross-cultural adventure and I do not regret it! Every day, I discover new applications of this knowledge that I did not consider or even think of when I was a student: Change Management, Open Innovation, User Experience… These are all application fields where cross-cultural knowledge helps me in my current position. I can tell that cultural awareness is a great asset for professional development.

I had the opportunity to complete a sandwich course in my last year at school and it has proven to be extremely positive for me. Balancing work and school was a challenge and forced me into being organized and professional at all times. It served me well when I finished school and entered the jobs market. Above all, I really enjoyed the constant support and collaboration of the other apprentices in Cross-Cultural Management, it helped me a lot.

I believe the greatest opportunity ISIT gives its students is the ability to go abroad. I worked in Italy and in the United-States, and had a chance to live the Erasmus experience in Scotland. Not only did all these experiences help me improve my languages skills, but also they allowed me to develop cultural awareness skills that I can see being used in different management models, in France and overseas.

After ISIT?

The more I was exposed to different cultures, the more I wanted to live and work abroad. I met a Canadian a few years ago and this helped me decide my first destination. I am currently Business Development and Marketing Manager in a web development company based in Ottawa, Canada. This position was quite a challenge for me, given the short length of my resume. Being fluent in both official languages was an asset, but I also put into practice many of the skills I learnt at ISIT: marketing strategy, financial management, project management, etc. My cross-cultural skills also helped me build a strong professional network here in Ottawa.

Above all, and before the skills I gained at ISIT, I believe that what is helping me most in my professional life is the confidence I have built through mastering foreign languages. This confidence has challenged me to constantly step outside of my comfort zone and seize the best development opportunities.

Advice for candidates and future ISIT students?

  • My first recommendation to any new student at ISIT is to DARE to go abroad and DARE to dream big. This is the best way to compensate for the lack of experience on your resume.
  • My second recommendation is to be curious. Cross-cultural knowledge is giving you endless opportunities, and knowing which fields you can use it for will help you make a difference.
    I did not take a year off to work abroad, but I could see its positive impact on my friends’ professional development and I highly recommend it.
  • I also believe volunteer work is the best way to learn and develop new skills. Junior-Entreprise is a great opportunity, but it is not the only one. You will easily find Marketing and Communications professional organizations who welcome volunteer students. I am Web Manager at IABC Ottawa and I can tell how much you learn from meeting with professionals from the same fields. It also gives me perspective on my work, as sometimes it can be hard being the only person in charge of Marketing and Business Development. Of course, volunteering is also a great way to build up your network and, who knows, maybe find your next job!