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Delphine Siwiec

School year ISIT 2009

Following my internship at Société Générale Bank in Paris, I was given the task of implementing collaborative platforms for marketing and sales teams in more than 30 countries and organizing the Group’s first virtual meeting. Then I had the opportunity to join the Group’s Romanian branch in Bucharest through a Volontariat International en Entreprise (VIE) – International Business Volunteer – program.

For two years now, I’ve been in the Projects and Organization department, where I head-up Internet and Mobile Banking projects in collaboration with several departments, including Marketing, Cash Management and IT. I use English, French and Romanian in my projects, especially for managing the projects’ governance. In my role, I coordinate implementation, prioritize business needs, draft and supervise deliverables as well as set up reporting systems.

I gained an incredible amount of knowledge during my Intercultural Management course at ISIT. I have been able to put this knowledge into practice in my field, while continuing to develop my project management skills and mastering the tools of tomorrow’s banking. My versatility and ability to adapt to a multicultural, multilingual environment have been highly valuead by my managers and drawing on these skills, I have added another language to my repertoire.

My experience in Eastern Europe was a springboard for success that allowed me to really live a cross-cultural experience! I wanted to pursue international project management so I signed a long-term contract in September 2011 as a Corporate Internet Banking Project Manager for the Group’s international branches. I took on a new mission and then… headed abroad again! Since January 2014, I’ve been in charge of Société Générale’s Projects and Organization department in Cameroon.