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Louis Cann

Communication and marketing
Course Master's degree
School year ISIT 2015
Country France

Digital, interculturality, marketing, and communication are his watchwords. Thanks to his experiences in France and abroad, Louis Cann now works with media and digital experts in international environments. He loves gastronomy and cooking, rock and folk music, and independent movies. He is open-minded and curious with the jobs he’s taken since graduating from ISIT in 2015.

Before ISIT?

I graduated from high school specializing in sciences and then started my studies at Université Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle with a LLCE (Foreign Languages, Literature and Civilizations) degree in English. There, I heard about ISIT, which I didn’t know of before, and decided to change course at the end of the year to join ISIT as a first year.


I felt strongly drawn to languages and my original plan was to pursue the Conference Interpreting course.

I saw ISIT as a vaster hub of possibilities with the Intercultural Management and Intercultural Communication and Translation degrees to broaden your skills while maintaining the language and international dimension. I was interested in marketing and communication and thought ISIT’s curriculum as a whole would be complementary.

What are the assets of this course?

  • Three first years focusing on perfecting my language skills as well as attending extremely enriching general classes (history of translation, geopolitics…)
  • Passionate lecturers who are either native speakers or professionals teaching in the languages taught at ISIT which provides complete immersion and undoubted expertise 
  • The two final years and frequent group work taught me to listen, to be diplomatic, and gave me an idea of what teamwork in the professional world is like
  • Internships and experiences abroad truly were like a second school and further complemented my training. I acquired additional skills and to figure out what I wanted to do over the years
  • I also had the opportunity to be part of the student office and quickly learned how to manage a junior enterprise. I forged deep bonds with people and had unforgettable experiences.

After ISIT?

I did international corporate volunteer work for two years for the PSA Group in the United Kingdom. I worked as a Marketing and Communication Executive for the DS Automobiles brand, mainly on digital issues.

I am now a Digital Manager at Havas International Paris on behalf of a large insurance company where I work on digital media strategies in an international context.

Any advice for future students?

Stay open to the world, be curious and attentive. Go abroad for your internships and take the full benefit of student life in the school.

And today?

Louis Cann has been working at Dentsu International since 2020. He joined as an International Account Manager and is now a Planning & Strategy Supervisor.