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Zumstein Laetitia

Course Master's degree
School year Formation continue - ISIT 2018
Specialization Intercultural Communications & Translation

Zumstein Laetitia recently graduated from ISIT with an “intercultural communications and translation” master’s degree. She was the first candidate to apply for a VAE (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning) at ISIT. 

After living abroad in Australia and China, Zumstein Laetitia is now traveling between France, her home country, Barcelona, where she lives, and Algiers, where she works.

Why did you choose to pursue a VAE at ISIT ?

I chose ISIT because it is a Grande Ecole in management and well known for its focus on preparing students for the professional world. Furthermore, the school’s values align with mine: it is present and recognized internationally.

Tell us about your work experience

I have been a financial and legal translator for almost 8 years. I completed a degree in applied languages and a master’s degree in international management (at the EM Strasbourg Business School). I first worked in the field of telecommunications and the information technology industry through various positions in sales and management.
I first got into the field of translation as a freelancer before founding a translation agency in Barcelona, and, more recently, a second one in Algiers.

What did you enjoy most when completing your VAE ? 

This experience allowed me to think both about my journey and my abilities, and see them in a new light. Most of all, I enjoyed how it allowed me to put my career in perspective, and to realize how logical and legitimate my journey has been.

What advice would you give someone wanting to follow in your footsteps ?

Don’t hesitate, do it !
There is a considerable amount of work to do when putting together the paperwork to account for all your experience, but it will also allow you to ground yourself in the work you do daily. While the workload should not be underestimated, I believe it is important to see it as an opportunity to capitalize on your professional journey, and have your work recognized by a prestigious school.