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Rampini Fanny

Course Master's degree
School year ISIT 2018
Specialization Intercultural Management
Country France

The workplace as a place of commitment : according to Fanny Rampini, working as a consultant in a human-scale business with strong values does not happen by chance.

The rich and varied academic journey of a freshly graduated ISIT student, whose motto is clear : turn every difficulty into an opportunity.

Before ISIT ?

After graduating from high school with an economics and humanities baccalaureate, I entered a preparatory course in literature where I specialized in history and geography during my second year. I was mostly interested in geography, because it  felt like a way to understand the modern world based on the land, and to do so through a multidisciplinary approach. I also took classes at the IAE LYON School of Management, which were my entry point into business.

Why ISIT ?

  • I wanted an education that would maintain the critical thinking skills I had developed during my preparatory course, the field-based approach I liked about geography, and the business aspect.
  • I heard about ISIT through one of my cousins, who had studied here. I attended the school’s Open Day, and joined ISIT in the third year. I was drawn to its program by the study of languages and the opportunity of an ERASMUS exchange, as well as the basics of interculturality, which are similar to the multidisciplinary approach of geography.

Your journey at ISIT ?

  • At the end of the third year, I completed an internship in an international communications agency, where I was community manager and advocacy officer for several European countries. While I enjoyed juggling different languages through the process of translation, I still chose to pursue a master’s degree in Intercultural Management.
  • In my fourth year, I completed my internship in corporate social responsibility with a mid-sized industrial group. This experience was less fulfilling, but I learned that I would rather work in smaller organisations.
  • At the end of my master’s degree, I chose to join the P/VAL consulting firm as a consultant for a six-month internship. This decision was truly the outcome of a long consideration about my anchor points, or what I call my “meetings with myself”, during which I regularly write down about where I am in life. I turned down several internships before being hired by P/VAL, because they did not fit my career goals : the company values, the focus on teamwork, and the interest of the work.
  • During my master’s degree, I also joined ISIT’s Junior Entreprise as commercial development manager. Thanks to this experience, I was not only able to put my leadership to the test, but also learned to adapt this skill to pull my team along with me and to find out where I belonged within a team. What use is there in being a leader if only 25% of my team  is behind me to the end ?

After ISIT ?

I took a gap year to do volunteering work, before signing a permanent contract  with P/VAL as a consultant.

My missions ?

  • Externally : I did consulting and training programs, as the two are complimentary.. My tasks consist mostly in training design and building career paths based on expertise. My goal is to guide employees so that their personal development within the company becomes a collective adventure.
  • Internally : Along with another consultant, who also graduated from ISIT, and three managers with training expertise, I contribute to the professionalization of the company training. Each of us has our own vision of what training and management should be. Sometimes our personalities are complimentary, other times not… Marie and I both need to  negotiate and know how to set boundaries, in order to reach our goals.

ISIT graduate and consultant, a winning combination ?

  • In terms of skills : ISIT students understand the basics of workforce ecosystems, a skill they put into practice over the course of various projects completed during their master’s degree.
  • In terms of expertise : ISIT students are skilled both in writing and in speech, thanks to the many mandatory presentations to a jury at ISIT. Having practiced translation also teaches them rigorous habits when writing, which is a skill companies seek.
  • In terms of social skills : ISIT students have qualities that go beyond simply being adaptable. They are used to taking a step back, to taking the time to do extensive research before coming back with an action plan. They know where they belong in a team, and they are able to guage how different they might be to others without feeling uncomfortable ; they can bridge the gap with colleagues.

Any advice to conclude ?

  • Don’t hesitate to practice introspection, in order to better understand your own needs in your work, and your relationship to work.
  • This feedback exercise was very helpful for me, allowing me to take a step back and to be clear about my expectations, so as to be able to be coherent during job interviews. For example, I know that, for me, the workplace is a place of commitment and personal values.

And today ?

Fanny Rampini has been project manager with the Cnam Pays de Loire since 2022.